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Police records can reveal a great deal about a person's past including any crimes they've
committed, violations received, records of arrests, outstanding warrants in their name and
much, much more. What you might not know is that in addition to criminal records you can
find out about permits, traffic accidents, domestic incidents and any other incident in
which the police were involved, no matter which side of the law the person you're searching
happened to be on.

Police records are carefully recorded and kept by either the local county sheriff, state police
or a federal agency to document all incidents in which police were needed to resolve a public
issue or enforce the law. The record will detail the date and place of arrest, charges filed,
mug shots, personal description of the suspect, resulting convictions, if any, and sentencing
details of the crime. If someone is found guilty of a crime and is sentenced, prison records
will be created containing dates and length of the sentence, place of incarceration, and
whether or not they're released, absconded or currently in custody. 

When a police record check is conducted on a person, local jails, prisons, and court office files are scanned for outstanding warrants, criminal records, and exiting public records. Any one has the right to
access this information. This information is easily available online by doing an online search on this site. You will get the same detailed report and all background information including but not limited to; assault and battery, theft/stealing, DUI's/DWI's, delinquent child support, misdemeanors, felonies, breaking and entering, sex offenses, and even missed court dates. This search is completely confidential and can be done from the privacy of your own home. You are free to print any and all reports the search recovers for you. If you need actual copies of such records, you will need to request them from the maintaining office directly.

Police record checks are widely used for screening potential employees. Note that the consent of the job applicant must be obtained except in cases where a police record check is mandatory (i.e. people who work with children, the elderly and handicapped, security fields, finance or other similar positions in which you are responsible for the safety or security of others). A police report may be necessary in child adoption cases, to further studies abroad, for some types of employment, and other situations for the purpose of acting as an official clearance document to certify the conduct of the individual.

If you think someone you know may have a police record, has been arrested, charged with a crime, convicted of a crime, or has a warrant out for their arrest doing an online search is the easiest way to get the answers. It's completely confidential and secure and  can help you ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Instantly Search Anyone's Criminal History!

Instantly Search Anyone's Criminal History!
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