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A police log is basically a record of all crimes, both minor and major, and police
activities that have been documented regarding the handling and resolution of
those crimes. Police logs were started as a way for the police department to keep
record of all activity during a shift. Every time an officer is dispatched or there is
any communication between the police and the public it's recorded in the police
transmission log. Police logs are commonly published in local newspapers to
alert the public of crimes that have occurred in their area or their neighborhood.
Most police stations also release their logs to the media through news or media
departments. The logs are constructed from reports police filled out when a crime
occurred, and outlines the specifics of the crime and the action the police officer
took to resolve the dispute.

Police logs can be used as evidence in both criminal and civil trials since they
provide an accurate outline of events, list the dispatching officer, time dispatch
was sent and arrived on the scene, and any other communications made
(i.e. 911, fire department, emt, etc).

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