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You may wonder why conducting a background check on yourself is necessary. You know you haven't been arrested, committed a crime or even gotten a minor traffic violation. However, there may be something on your report that you're either not aware of, or there could be inaccurate information. In the case of new employment, a background check is often part of the hiring process. You don't want to be surprised if your record isn't as perfect as you thought.

The next question naturally is, how could my record be incorrect? The truth is, it can happen quite easily. One valid reason for inaccurate records to exist can result from something as simply as moving. If you've been arrested, convicted of a crime or involved in a civil case and have moved, it's possible that a civil claim was filed against you without your knowledge. Court documents are served to the address on file with local public offices. If you didn't receive these documents because they were sent to the wrong address, then a judge will assume you failed to respond. Failure to respond to the claim gives a judge the right to rule in favor of the plaintiff. You will then be charged with pending actions, judgments, unresolved traffic fines, or other suits without your knowledge all of which will show up on your personal background check.

Also note that in addition to any charges against you a background check will include birth records, marriage records, divorce records, property records, traffic violations, previous and current addresses, court records, all public records, and more. Anyone has the legal right to obtain access to these records. Most of the time these searches are done without you knowing. That's why it's essential to your self-preservation to ensure your records are correct. The easiest way to do this is to conduct an online search. It's simple, confidential and takes only minutes. It’s a good idea to make sure your background information is updated, current, and accurate. Also, conducting your own background check will make you knowledgeable about what your records will show in case a background search is done in your name.

If you are a convicted criminal, you may think it's not necessary to do a search since you already know you have a record. That may be true. But, you should check your records for accuracy and make sure the charge is listed and categorized correctly. You don’t want your records to state you were convicted of murder when the charge was for assault and battery. These crimes are two very different animals
and will carry with them varying repercussions.

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